Sustainable agriculture

Our goal is to improve the skills of smallholding farmers, helping them to build agricultural businesses and assisting them with access to markets for their produce.


Empowering rural Nigeria for a sustainable future

For over 13 years the British American Tobacco Nigeria Foundation has contributed to Nigeria’s sustainable development. We have worked hard to improve the quality of life of Nigerians living in rural areas in various ways, and since our inception we have established over 150 community projects across the country.

  • Our vision: A Nigeria in which poverty has been significantly reduced in rural communities.
  • Our mission: To focus on projects that reduce poverty and make sustainable, positive impacts on our communities.
  • Our strategic focus: Sustainable agriculture in rural communities.

Who we support

We support rural farmers to make the transition from subsistence farming to sustainable commercial agriculture. Read more about the individuals and groups we work with here.

How we support them

With our help the farmers have opportunities to earn their livelihood through agricultural practices that are more productive, efficient, environmentally-friendly, and thus more sustainable in the long term. 

Read more about how we provide agro-enterprise support here.

For more information on our sustainable agricultural enterprise model please see our operating model.

Our projects past and present

From our inception in 2002 we implemented projects spanning water supply, environmental protection, vocational skills acquisition and agricultural development. Since 2013 we have concentrated our focus on sustainable agriculture.Here are some of the 150+ projects we have implemented across Nigeria.


Call for proposals

Any legally constituted organisation in Nigeria is eligible to receive a Foundation grant. All grants are provided based on the merits of the proposals and their potential to contribute to BATNF’s programme goals. Read more about submitting a proposal