Our strategy

Our strategy is to promote agricultural enterprise and create agro-entrepreneurs in order to significantly reduce poverty in rural communities.

Through our enterprise development strategy we encourage a commercial mindset in subsistence farmers and support them to run their farms as sustainable businesses.

We have supported the establishment of 15 model enterprise farms that are designed to be financially viable and sustainable, and have also funded water projects to support farming activities.

The model farms provide each smallholder farmer with one hectare of land on which to gain practical experience in large scale farming and food processing.



Nigeria is one of the world’s leading net importers of wheat, rice and fish, with overall food imports growing at an unsustainable rate. Smallholder farmers remain significant contributors to national agricultural production. Smallholder productivity can be increased through access to quality seeds, modern agricultural practices and technology, irrigation and links to markets.

Our focus:

Cassava, fish, livestock, maize, oil palm, rice and vegetables