Operating model

How our enterprise development strategy works:

  • We fund the establishment of model enterprise farms to transfer technical skills to small holders.
  • We partner with third-party organisations with the capacity to provide technical training to farming communities.
  • We work with agricultural cooperatives or, where none exist, organise the smallholder farmers into groups to work on the model farms.
  • The farmers are introduced to the concept of agricultural value chains and the various stages required to get their produce from the farm to the consumer.
  • We provide seed funding to the cooperatives, which the cooperative members can access as loans to cover the cost of inputs, land preparation and technical assistance.
  • Each farmer cultivates at least one hectare of land as part of the shift in mindset from subsistence farming to commercial farming. 
  • The third party organisations we work with support the cooperatives with market access and links to distribution.


What the farmers gain:

  • Experience in large-scale farming, including how to improve crop yield and overall productivity through the use of new agricultural techniques and technologies.
  • Knowledge about sustainable land management practices and environmentally- friendly pest/weed management techniques.
  • Awareness of alternative renewable sources of energy, particularly solar energy and bio-fuels.
  • Knowledge on how to prevent pre- and post-harvest losses through seed treatment, harvesting, storing and processing farm produce correctly.
  • Opportunities to earn additional incomes from land conservation and rehabilitation activities, such as agro-forestry.

Facts and figures

  • 15 – the number of model farms we have set up.
  • Over 500 – the number of small holder farmers across the country, who have benefitted from our model farm projects.
  • 1 hectare – minimum acreage cultivated by the farmers.
  • 5 – the range of crops cultivated on the model farms.
  • 3 – the number of water projects that support agricultural projects.