Our past focus areas


Our focus has always been on implementing projects that reduce poverty and enable communities to enjoy an improved standard of living.

In our first ten years we maintained focus on four aspects of community development; potable water supply, vocational skills development, agricultural development and environmental protection.These areas were closely aligned to three of the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); global goals that United Nations member states and international organisations agreed to achieve by 2015.

During that time we implemented over 150 community development projects spread across the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT):

Breakdown by project type           
Agricultural development  69 
Water supply  64
Environmental protection  13
Vocational skills development  11
Total number of projects  157 


Breakdown by geopolitical zone  
South West  55 
South East  15 
South  11
North West  23
North East  12
North Central  40
FCT  1 
Total Number  157 


Potable water supply

We installed over 60 boreholes to help reduce scarcity of water and the incidence of water-borne diseases.

Vocational skills development

We set up fully-equipped centres to teach the unemployed vocational skills such as plumbing, hairdressing, bricklaying and computer training, so they could run small businesses and generate regular income.

Agricultural development

We built several cottage industries in rural communities, to process crops such as cassava, oil palm and rice. Our goal was to support communities to improve their agricultural yield and extend their farming enterprise into food processing.

Environmental protection

We supported efforts to reduce soil degradation and address desert encroachment by establishing tree plantations. In addition to providing training to local communities on how to produce tree seedlings in nurseries, we provided seedlings for 57 hectares of neem, 25 hectares of teak and gmelina and 5 hectares of gum Arabic tree plantations.

2013 onwards

After over a decade of designing, implementing and commissioning community projects based on these four focus areas, in 2012 our focus evolved and we are now concentrating on sustainable agriculture; specifically agricultural enterprise.