Call for proposals

The projects we implement are drawn from numerous proposals we receive from communities, government agencies and third-party organisations. 

Given that our resources are finite, we give preferential consideration to proposals from relatively large and active membership organizations (including cooperative enterprises) and local or state government agencies that have already committed some of their own resources (time, effort, and money) to aspects of the proposed intervention or line of work within their served communities or immediate constituencies.

We consider a range of factors when reviewing proposals and requests from NGOs and community-based organisations. We are guided by:

  • Our strategy of sustainable agricultural development.
  • The proposal’s potential to create a positive impact, generate more jobs and create wealth.
  • Geopolitical spread.
  • Fit within our focus areas.
  • Availability of required funds.
  • Overall viability.

The proposals are scrutinised by the Technical Committee and then submitted to the Board for review and approval.

How to apply 

The BATNF does not have a standard application form. Organisations seeking funding support for their projects are encouraged to first write a letter of intent to the Foundation, generally outlining their project’s aims, target audience and requirements.

If the organisation’s initial letter is successful, the Foundation will invite the organisation to submit a detailed proposal containing the following:

  • The organisation’s name, address, history, legal status, principal officers, current activities and usual source of funding.
  • The background and context of the issue that would be addressed by the project proposal.
  • Description of the project requiring funding and how it will be implemented
  • Overall goal and specific objectives
  • Expected results, including the impact on beneficiaries and how these results will be measured
  • Detailed budget, including expected funds from other sources

For details of where to send your letters of intent please go to our Contact us page.