What it means to us

Many disadvantaged groups in rural areas rarely have the opportunity to have their voices heard at the local and national government level and are often inadvertently excluded from policy-making discussions about programmes that would have a direct impact on their lives.

The BATN Foundation is therefore committed to providing travel support for marginalised groups such as small farming groups, low-income women and disadvantaged youths in our beneficiary communities, to provide them with exposure to local and national policy discussions and enable them to participate in designing their futures.

Partnering for advocacy

We work to facilitate access to policy-making bodies, resources and training for our grant-recipients and representatives of beneficiary communities. Our aim is to equip them with the skills and confidence needed to actively contribute to the design and implementation of policies on agriculture, environmental protection and poverty reduction, so that these policies better reflect their perspectives, needs and aspirations as rural dwellers.

Many of our partnerships with federal agencies and national-level networks are geared towards facilitating this access for rural citizens. For more information on our collaborations, please see Our partnerships.