BATNF contributes to NIMET's 2018 seasonal rainfall prediction

Abuja, 13 March 2018, the Nigeria Meteorological Agency (NiMET) presented the 2018 Seasonal Rainfall O Predictions (SRP) to stakeholders in a well-attended event at Ladi Kwali Hall, Sheraton Hotels & Towers, Abuja. BATN Foundation through its partnership with NiMet provided support in the collection of rainfall data on its project sites in Oyo state. The data was collected using the rain gauges donated by the Nigeria Meteorological Agency.

The presentation of the seasonal rainfall predictions is an annual event aimed at presenting to the public the nation's weather outlook for the year. The recent weather variation in Lagos, Sokoto and other parts of the country is proof that times have changed, and the weather is no longer as predictable. This makes the seasonal rainfall prediction apt, especially for development organizations like ours, who make investment in the agricultural sector by supporting rural smallholder farmers, the predictions guide some of our strategies to mitigate losses caused by environmental disasters; these include poor harvest, low yields and return on investments.

The Director-General of NiMET, Professor Sanni Mashi disclosed that the Agency's 2018 Seasonal Rainfall Predictions (SRP) indicated that normal rainfall patterns would be experienced this year. He said that severe dry spells would be experienced during the rainy season, especially in some parts of Northern Nigeria.

The Seasonal Rainfall Prediction would be cascaded down to smallholder farmers. Through the BATN Foundation and NiMet partnership, our farmers and implementing partners would be trained on the Seasonal Rainfall Predictions and its application. We anticipate that through this activity, all stakeholders would be conscious of the onset and cessation of rainfall and dry spell periods and invariably there would be successful outcomes in the reduction of loss occasioned by climate change